56 kHz Frequency

56 kHz Frequency

56 kHz gives you the ultimate in sensitivity and depth.

IP54 Rating

IP54 Rating

IP54 Protects your metal detector from dust and water spray from any direction.



Filter out unwanted items when detecting.

2 Coil Bundle Package

(2) Coil Bundle Package

Comes with (2) waterproof DD Search Coils (10x5.5" and 5") including search coil covers.

Visual LED Discrimination

Visual LED Discrimination

Know if it's ferrous or non-ferrous before you dig.

Boost Switch

Boost Switch

Audio boost weak signals from small or deep targets.

AU Gold Finder

with 10x5.5" and 5" Waterproof DD Search Coils, Headphones, Coil Covers and a Hip Mount Belt.
*Ships World-Wide*

Contact Info:
USA Call: (407-699-8700) or (888-535-5926)
Africa Call: (26 911 911) for more info.

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AU Gold Finder Faceplate


the all new Nokta AU Gold Finder metal detector

Introducing the best new gold metal detector for 2016!

Are you a gold prospector looking for serious gold nuggets or simply a detectorist who is interested in expanding out from coins and relics? Introducing the All-New 2016 Nokta AU Gold Finder Metal Detector as the World's premiere analog gold metal detection device dialed in at 56 kHz! Nokta Detection Technologies is world renowned for their advanced gold detection metal detectors and specifically designed the AU Gold Finder for serious gold hunters searching for sub grain to large gold nuggets in a wide range of landscape.

Over the years, Nokta has received countless inquiries from Gold prospectors and detectorists for an analog machine operating at a higher frequency and able to perform in the rain and sand without failing. Nokta answered the call by building the AU Gold Finder with the end user in mind. Using expert feedback from the field, Nokta engineered the AU Gold Finder with features such as advanced discrimination filters and auto/manual ground balancing functionality to eliminate junk in even the trashiest areas while also providing the greatest cancelation of heavily mineralized soil. THE AU Gold Finder also utilizes iSAT and iMASK technology to help maintain steadiness of the Threshold tones and can eliminate false signals caused by hot rocks and ground mineralization. A large ferrous (red led) and gold non-ferrous (green led) indicator will help you save time guessing and find more gold nuggets with ease.

From across the USA to Africa, South America to Australia, numerous expert gold detectorists are reporting astounding results with the AU Gold Finder. This extreme gold bundle incorporates two waterproof DD search coils (10x5.5" and 5") headphones, coil covers and a hip mount belt for optional use. The extra 5” DD waterproof search coil was included to help target even the smallest pieces of gold and can be interchanged easily on the fly. Simple to use switches and dials will give users the ability to pinpoint gold targets for optimal performance and less speculating. The AU Gold Finder is competitively priced to outperform many gold machines on the market while still being a fraction of the cost of many high end gold detectors.

Now is the time to pick up the AU Gold Finder metal detector and find real gold today!

Contact Info

  • USA Call: 407-699-8700 or 888-535-5926
  • Africa Call: (26 911 911) for more info.
  • 1085 Belle Ave Winter Springs, Fl 32708
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Field Testing the Nokta AU Gold Finder


from real metal detectorists and gold prospectors

The 56 kHz offered great sensitivity on tiny targets. I recovered two small nuggets using the 10" Elliptical the first week of testing on an old patch that had been swung across many times with a GPX-4500 & 8" Mono. I enjoy the push-button style ground balance of the unit. This makes the whole process quick and simple and two thumbs up for retaining a true All Metal mode with Threshold!

Chris Gholson

Arizona Outback
I utilized the hip mount set up and was very happy that I did after spending just a few hours out in the field. That set up takes all the weight off the detector shaft so I was able to swing it all day. I really liked the discrimination and iMASK feature for helping out with the tough Georgia soil and those dog gone hot rocks! The fact that its water resistant came in very handy when of course with my luck we got caught in rain!

Gene Knight

Kellyco Director of Sales
I knew the sensitivity to small targets would be enhanced if for no other reason than this is a 56kHz machine. My first “test” was with an ultra thin 14K gold chain fully extended and simply waved in front of the 5x10 coil. The tone at 4.5" was strong and the chain was very detectable at 5.5". My second impression was the quality of construction and how well thought out it was in terms of user friendly design.

Colonel Dan

Advent Hunter/Tester


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